Placopecten magellanicus, Patinopecten yessoensis, Pecten novaezelandiae, Pecten maximus, Argopecten purpuratus, Argopecten circularis, Zygochlamys patagonica

Presentation : Scallop's roe on or roe off / Broken / Bag / Bulk

Our selected partners are regulary audited in accordance with specific regulation to scallops (net weight, H/P 4.9).

We sell scallops with or without roe from different origins.


Placopecten magellanicus - USA & Canada fishing, frozen at sea or/and ashore.

Patinopecten yessoensis - Farmed in Japan, in Aomori area and in North East of Hokkaïdo FAO 61

Pecten novaezelandiae and Pecten maximus- Fishing in New Zealand and fishing in Britanny 

Argopecten purpuratus - Farmed in Chile and Peru

Argopecten circularis - Fishing in Mexico, frozen in USA

Argopecten patagonica - Fishing in Argentina , frozen at sea FAO 41