Fresh wild salmon from Canada

Fresh wild salmon from Canada

Presentation : Whole gutted / Gilled / Fillet

Thanks to a comprehensive sustainable fishery management plant, the 5 species of wild salmon stock are sustainable. Pristine cold seawater, the abundance of natural feed gives salmon its incomparable taste. 

Wild salmon is 100 % natural and is rich in Omega 3.

We distribute the following species :

Wild Pink salmon "Oncorhynchus gorbuscha"

It is by far the most abundant specie, the smallest by size. Its meat is pink and tender with a low fat content and a delicate taste.

Wild Chum salmon "Oncorhynchus keta"

Its meat is pink orange, poor in fat with a firm meat texture.

Wild King salmon " Oncorhynchus tshawytscha"

It is the less abundant specie but of all wild salmon the biggest in size.

It is appreciated for its firm red meat, and its natural high fat content.

Wild Sockeye salmon "Oncorhynchus nerka"

It is one of the most abundant specie. Its meat is firm, thick, naturally red and rich in proteins.